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  • Event:
    • A new character event has just begun featuring Amber, the Spirit of Fire! Complete your personal objectives and help the community complete the global objective to permanently unlock her!
    • The event will end on July 11th!
    • Note that for the duration of the event, a promo gacha will be active featuring exclusive items and maidens. Grab them while you can!
  • Features:
    • In order to better support the Japanese language, some fonts, font sizes and font colors have been changed.
    • Added the first iteration of Steam Achievements.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where the XP boost would sometimes not appear for some users.
    • Fixed an issue with some scenes either not appearing or appearing censored.
    • Fixed an issue where the account level up VFX would play indefinitely and overlap everything.
    • Fixed an issue where upgrade materials would only appear in your inventory after refreshing the game.
    • Upgrade materials no longer count as an item for the purpose of inventory space.
    • Fixed an issue where Hikaru's art would appear in Alisha's scene.
    • Added the amount of gems to the confirmation pop up when purchasing skill points.
    • Fixed an issue where using the arrows to go through map levels would carry over the challenges from previous levels (this was only a visual problem).
    • Fixed an issue where using the arrows to go through map levels would carry over the boss timers from previous levels (this was only a visual problem).
    • Fixed an issue where the weekly pass would grant the VIP bonus twice when purchasing it.
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Upcoming stuffEdit

  • Add data for guardians
  • Add data for equipment drop on maps
  • Add data for skills --when skill update happens
  • Finish begginer's guide
  • Change campaign page to be displayed on 1 page (if possible)
  • Info page:
    • Add data to explain what scripts are used and what they are doing
    • Add data to explain all data
    • Add data to explain infoboxes

Other stuffEdit

  • Want to be admin?
    • Comment bellow if you are interested!
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This wiki is dedicated to the online adult strategy game Crystal Maidens which is available at Feel free to also join the official community Discord, follow the official Facebook page and Twitter!

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